News 1

Special prices for the first month!


The main event of this season - we have opened!

 "As you sow so shall you reap" (Belarusian proverb)

Our start was not easy...

The most significant event is the fact that our first guests were newlyweds! It's a sign for good luck, isn't it? 

Their life, as well as ours, gains momentum, long, productive and happy life opens its page... On that remarkable day we wish them love, happiness and joy.

This day was rich in emotions! So much efforts, love and patience were invested in the hotel, now it's unbelievable that we opened!

After having met the newlyweds, we also celebrated  the new period in our life!

We are proud that during the opening proccess we became more than a team. We became real friends!

Wish us good luck!!!