Conference Hall


from 60 byn

Rental of conference rooms in Nesvizh for business events.
We present to your attention, a platform for conferences, seminars, presentations and other business events in Belarus.

The team of the hotel complex "Nesvizh" will provide guests with a high level of service and help organize an event of any format.

Our main rule is to carefully listen to the wishes of the guests and choose the format that fully reflects what the guest intended.
Creative solutions allow us to create exclusive ideas for your meetings.

Carrying out events in the banquet rooms of the hotel complex "Nesvizh" is:
- decoration of halls;
- the presence of a menu with various dishes;
- the ability to create a menu for individual preferences along with professional chefs;
- the ability to serve waiters and bartenders to help guests feel at ease;
- reasonable prices and flexible system of discounts for regular customers;
- an individual approach to each order;
- Accommodation in a hotel on favorable terms;
- A great way to organize an event in the shortest possible time and at a very high level.

Conference equipment provided:

projection screen (342x265);
audio-video transmitter (WirelessHD);
installation projector;
laser pointer;
ceiling mounted speaker system;
radio microphones;
radio microphone system with a headset;
professional active speaker system (3000 W);
stage lighting;
air conditioning system.
You will not get absolutely any hassle from organizing the event, but at the same time will delight your guests with an excellent pastime.

You can book a conference room by filling out the form above or at the indicated contacts:

+375 (44) 739-59-64;

+375 (29) 631-17-77;

+375 (1770) 29-000;


The cafe's big hall rent

We offer: - modern equipment; - new spacoius halls; - organization assistance; - coffee break menu; - guests' accomodation on favourable terms.

Contract value

Coffee breaks

We offer: - quality services; - high level of service; - A varied and rich menu. Hurry to place an order for the organization of a coffee break with the administrator.

from 7,5 BYN

The organization of receptions

We offer:   - assistance in organizing;   - democratic cost of services;   - development of an individual menu;   - well-coordinated work of a professional team

from 20 BYN

Halls for celebrations of various levels

We offer: - a holiday in a close circle of guests; - events with a wide scope of up to 150 people; - organization of any turnkey event; - transfer to the hotel complex "Nesvizh". For details of the provision of these services, check with the administrator.

from 60 BYN

Rental of conference rooms in Nesvizh for business events.
Organization of business events is a very complex and time-consuming process.
In order for your conference to be coordinated, its holding was at a high level and brought maximum benefit, thorough preparation is required.
The team of the hotel complex "Nesvizh" will help you realize all your goals.
We will select for you the optimal room, as well as the necessary equipment. We can organize meals for the participants of the event and provide transport services.

In order to book a conference room, you can send an application in the form above.

Our specialist will contact you shortly.
Our team will take care of your guests!

The cost of conferences in the halls of the hotel complex "Nesvizh"

The cost of renting a conference room is 75 BYN per hour.

The cost of renting a large cafe hall is 60 BYN per hour