Rooms and Tariffs

For guests' convenience each room consists of a spacious hall with a wardrobe, a room with TV, table, sofa (that can be used as extra bed), a bathroom equipped with a shower cabin. We also have a room for disabled guests. The hotel was built according to the modern technology with a unique system of climate-control which allows to save warmth in a cold weather and store coolness when it is hot outside. The fifth floor is equipped with air-conditioners. Free Wi-Fi is available all over the hotel. The security is supported by 24-hour video surveillance system and electronic key-cards.


Nesvizh is a historical centre of Belarus, that attracts many tourists with its rich cultural past and present, diverse legends and mysteries. The town is full of historical objects, the most remarkable of which is Radzivills's Castle inscribed in the UNESCO's list of World Heritage. The first mentioning of Nesvizh dates back to 1223. Citizens are proud of their historical past, famous all over the world. Nesvizh is a place, where various cultural festivals and events are held annually. They are dedicated to the memory of ancestors, who contributed to the development and prosperity of the town.


The hotel "Nesvizh" is situated in the centre of the town with a wonderful view over one of the oldest Belarusian town halls and the square. Convenient location, spacious rooms, pleasant atmosphere - the list of its positive features is far non-exhaustive. High level of service is the first objective of success and hospitality. Welcoming and helpful staff always caters for the needs of each guest.

Additional advantages of the hotel are laundry and transfer services, bike rental, organization and conduction of excursions over the town and its suburbs.

Nesvizh - Belarusian pearl

According to the statistics, annually 450 thousands of tourists come to Nesvizh, and the most remarkble attraction is undoubtedly the Nesvizh Castle. It really fascinates with its magnitude and greatness. Alongside with the Castle, there are many other impressive historical places in Nesvizh and on the outskirts. Some of them are located within easy reach from the hotel.

Ratusha - the oldest town hall, which has preserved on the territory of Belarus. It was built in 1596 according to the project of Jan Maria Bernandoni, the Italian architect. It was the magistrate's building, in which the town's authority (Court, Treasury, Archive, Mayor) met, and different town's feasts were held. The town's square near Ratusha was a busy trading centre of the town. It has been the most lively place till nowadays. By the way, our hotel is located quite near the square, 30 metres away from the town hall. Today's Ratusha is a museum with rich exposition "Municipality of 16-17th centuries".

Craftsman workshop is located near the square. This house was built in 1721 opposite the market lines. It is the only preserved example of urban houses with unusual facade, that was typical for the buildings of the 17th century.

The Benedectine's monastery (founded in 1591) - the first female monastery in Belarus, that belonged to the Benedectines. Today it is Nesvizh state college of Yanka Kupala. An old tower, catholic church and gatehouse have survived until nowadays.


Slutsk Gates (the end of 16 century) protected the driveway from Slutsk direction.These are the only preserved till nowadays gates, that lead to Nesvizh.

Nesvizh printing house. It was the place where Symon Budny printed his "Catechism". The monument to the enlightener is located nearby.

The Catholic church (1584-1593) with Radzivills' family tomb - one of the first buildings that was constructed in Baroque style on the territory of the Rzhech Pospolita. In the basement of the building there is the family Radzivills' tomb - the only necropolis of outstanding people in Western Europe. The last burial dates back to 2000. Radzivills' family tomb is the third largest family vault in Europe (after the Gabsburgs and Burbons).

The Bell Tower - the first construction in the town, that earlier was of defensive importance. Today it serves as the Catholic Church bell tower.

Bulgarin's Chapel - a low chapel with a small window on its pediment, that is situated close to the Catholic Church. It was constructed at the beginning of the 18th century by the ancestor of the Russian writer Fadey Bulgarin. His name was Scanderbeg.

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